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paragraph for typing practice

It is very important to increase your typing speed and accuracy so that you can achieve a high wpm score with 95% above accuracy in your typing test.

In order to improve your typing speed, you must try a new English paragraph for typing practice so that you can master and memorize new words.

Here is a list of 15+ important English typing practice paragraphs, you can view a sample and download any important English paragraph for typing practice which are available in PDF format also.

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1. Finance

Demo: Finance is the soul and blood of any business and no firm can survive without finance. It concerns itself with the management of monetary affairs of the firm and how money can be raised on the best terms available.

Difficulty Level: Medium

2. Mental Health

Demo:  Proper mental health is essential in every stage of life – from childhood and teenager to adulthood. Throughout a lifetime, an individual can experience mental health issues at any point.

Difficulty Level:  Easy


3. StartUp India

Demo: Today Startups are being widely recognized as important engines for growth and job generation. Through innovation and scalable technology, startups can generate impactful solutions, and thereby act as vehicles for socio-economic development and transformation.

Difficulty Level: Medium

4. Global Warming

Demo: Global warming is the latest alarm bell for the earth’s environment. Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface during the last century.

Difficulty Level:  Medium

5. Crypto Currency

Demo: A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency that is highly secured by cryptography or encryption techniques which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit such cryptocurrency.

Difficulty Level: Hard

6. Electric Vehicles

Demo: An electric vehicle uses one or more electric motors or traction motors for propulsion. The power of a vehicle’s electric motor, as in other vehicles, is measured in kilowatts (kW).

Difficulty Level: Medium

7. Debit Card

Demo: Debit cards eliminate the need to carry cash or physical checks to make purchases, and they can also be used at ATMs to withdraw cash.

Difficulty Level: Easy

8. Business

Demo: Business plays a major role within our society. It is a creative and competitive activity that continuously contributes to the shaping of our society. By satisfying their needs and wants people cannot satisfy themselves

Difficulty Level: Medium

9. Martin Luther King

Demo: Racism was something that he was acutely aware of as he grew up. Right from the age of six, his friendship with a white boy was taken away when his parents decided that they did not want their son to associate with a black boy.

Difficulty Level:  Hard

10. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Demo: Born on April 14th, 1891, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was an Indian nationalist, jurist, Dalit leader, and Buddhist revivalist. But most importantly, he was the chief architect of the Indian constitution.

Difficulty Level:  Hard

11. Albert Einstein

Demo: Born into a Jewish family on 14th March 1879 in Germany, Einstein had early speech difficulties, still he was a topper at elementary school. His father, Hermann Einstein was a salesman and engineer.

Difficulty Level:  Hard

12. Bill Gates

Demo: The American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the Chairman of Microsoft was born on 28th October 1955 into a wealthy Seattle family.

As a student, Gates excelled in elementary school, particularly in Mathematics and Sciences.

Difficulty Level:  Hard

13. Taj Mahal

Demo: The Taj Mahal is the materialized vision of love and marks a perfect indelible remark on its Mughal Architecture.

This historical monument is the mausoleum of Emperor Shan Jahan’s beloved wife, Empress Arjuman Banu Begum, most commonly known as Mumtaz Mahal.

Difficulty Level:  Hard

14. Healthy Lifestyle

Demo: Having a healthy lifestyle is all about choosing to live your life in the healthiest way possible.

There are a few things you have to do to start living your life in this way, i.e., the healthy way. This means doing some amount of exercise daily.

Difficulty Level:  Easy

15. Self Confidence

Demo: Self-confidence is a state of mind where someone pushes their boundaries and encourages belief from the very beginning, and this comes from a place of self-love.

You ought to love yourself to gain that freedom from doubting your actions.

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Typing Tip:

Learning Touch Typing is a long process you must have good patience because typing every day the same text is a very annoying task.

But keep your goals in mind and try to reach your required speed and accuracy. There are people like you who have achieved 100+ wpm speed by following the same steps and strategies.

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Thank You!