In this blog, you will learn how to type faster than before if you are learning touch typing or you already have a speed of 20 wpm to 40 wpm.

What is Touch Typing?

Touch typing is a technique or a skill for typing quickly and accurately with all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard.

  • Type faster with all 10 fingers.
  • Type without errors.
  • Type without looking at the keyboard.

1. Choose a Typing Software

If you are interested to learn typing you need to download a touch typing software which is free as well as paid.

You can practice online without downloading a software but this method is not perfect for beginners and there are a lot of annoying ads displayed online.

2. Desk Setup  ( Ergonomics )


Proper body posture and best position of your arms is the most important factor otherwise you will feel tired, you Back, Neck, Arms will hurt you severely.

  • Keep your Eyes on Monitor
  • Keep wrists flat
  • Your Arms should be 90 Degree

3. How to use the Typing Master

After installing the typing master, you will see there are two main courses, Touch Typing Course and Speed Building Course.

You have to start from the basic one, there are 12 lessons in it.

 Now you have to practice each and every lesson at least 1 – 2 hours per day.

After Learning the 12 lessons, your speed will be at least 30 wpm at that time.

4. Focus on Accuracy

Accuracy is the game-changer in the typing course because if you rush and focus on the speed but not on the Accuracy this will hurt you very much at the speed building phase when you will try to reach 50 – 100 wpm.

It is so annoying but it is true, every typist feels this pain during the speed building course.

 You should Focus 100% on Accuracy, if your accuracy is 96% or Above you are on the right path, and Trust me your speed will increase automatically and smoothly.

5. Practice Regularly

You must have patience when you are going to learn the touch typing.

You have to practice regularly 1 – 2 hours per day in order to memorize the exact position of the keys and train your brain because you are not looking at the keyboard.

Feel the keys with your fingers and memorize the position of rows and keys.

6. Switch to Speed Building


Keep your focus on accuracy and start practicing daily, in the speed building course you gain speed on the home row, index finger keys, middle finger keys, ring finger keys, and little finger keys.

At this stage your speed will be near about 30 – 40 wpm with 95% accuracy.

7. How to increase the speed from 30 or 40 wpm

After learning the basic touch typing, now you have to move on to next phase that is Typing Test.

By practicing the Typing tests, you have to write various English articles, summaries, posts like Aesop Fables, Abrahan Lincoln or you can use your own texts or posts.

   How to add custom post types in Typing Master 10

Here is breakdown of speed with time

202 Months
403 months
607 Months
8010 Months

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